Welcome to Shrill Sounds!

Shrill Sounds Musical Instruments is Qingdao’s premiere pro guitar shop, providing music lessons and supplying equipment for venues all around the city!


Shrill Sounds Musical Instruments is focused on teaching guitar and drums, as well as instrument sales. With two branches in the Huangdao District, we currently deal with the following brands: Saga (Hong Kong), Martin (USA), Mantic (Hong Kong), Randall (USA), Schecter (USA ), ESP (USA), Yairi (Japan), D’Addario (USA), and Peavey (USA).

Instrument Sales:

At Shrill Sounds, we only choose high-quality products with a good reputation and stability. Each instrument goes through a professional setup and are checked before being sold. Our customers enjoy free lifetime maintenance of their instruments.

Music Lessons:

Teachers at Shrill Sounds are professional, careful and patient. Our teachers create a profile for each student. We customize course content based on student progress, so that students receive a scientific and standardized music education.

Meet Our Teachers:

John at Shrill Sounds

Guitar Teacher / Owner: Zhang, Jiangnan (John)

John is the senior guitar teacher at Shrill Sounds. An independent music producer, he specializes in playing seven-string guitar. A Coldwood Independent music label signed artist, John was 15 years old when he began to learn the guitar. In 2013, John attended the US Berklee College of Music
and received a Songwriting Professional certification. In order to release more albums before and after his solo career called Obscure Dream received on behalf of the international circle of praise. John’s teaching style is funny and yet rigorous, as he prefers an active classroom atmosphere.

Han, Yueheng at Shrill Sounds

Drums Teacher: Han, Yueheng

Han, Yueheng has a wealth of experience playing the drums. During several occasions he participated in national competitions which have made him better. At present, he has a long-term cooperation with a number of training institutions. He has a unique perspective in teaching. His teaching system matured, and he’s developed informal scientific teaching methods. His students have demonstrated outstanding achievement. In terms of playing drums, Han has made significant achievements himself!


Chen, Yuhan at Shrill Sounds

Guitar Teacher: Chen, Yuhan

During Junior high school came into contact with the folk guitar. After encountering the electric guitar, he began to be more inclined to learn. Guitar Former college president, the formation of the train station band, participated in several performances. After Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and other piano as guitar teacher. Chen loves Rock music, has been studying and trying to learn the guitar techniques, learning rock and roll, blues, classical and other musical styles.